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Find the right tools for your garden

Gardening, like many other hobbies, comes with a list of equipment you'll need. In the same way that fishing will require rods and lures, or golfing will require clubs and strange clothing, gardening means you'll need shovels and gloves and the like. The good thing is, gardening tools don't have to cost hundreds of dollars.

If gardening is one of your hobbies, you'll needs only some basic tools to get started. Fortunately, many of the same tools work just as well for vegetable gardening as they do for flower gardening, so if you choose to plant both you won't need different gardening tools for each garden.

Basic Gardening Tools

Here are the basics you'll want to get started:

  • Spading fork
  • Shovel
  • Hoe
  • Watering can with a long spout (you probably already have a garden hose; you'll need that, too)
  • Bow rake
  • Shears
  • Gloves

When you're ready to go shopping for gardening tools, you might also want kneepads or some sort of kneeling pad. If you're going to spend a lot of time gardening, it can be hard on your knees, especially when using small gardening hand tools like a trowel.

Those are pretty much the only gardening hand tools you'll need to get started. You can use a shovel to dig your garden and a spading fork to loosen the soil, but if you expand your garden later, you might want to invest in more expensive, harder-working gardening tools like a gas-powered tiller to turn the soil.

Japanese gardening tools are designed for small spaces and precision cuts. Loppers and shears are precision-made, and can be used for detail work in gardens and shrubs. You can even find small Japanese gardening tools designed to help you shape that miniature Bonsai tree you've been growing for years.

Kids and Gardens

Kids gardening tools are basically the same as adult tools, but they're designed for children's smaller hands and shorter bodies. The handles on things like rakes to smooth the soil are shorter, designed for children's smaller statures.

You can find kids gardening tools that are made of hard plastic or resin, too. For older kids, get real gardening hand tools made from wood or metal, and save the plastic kids gardening tools, with their lack of sharp edges or points, for very young gardeners.

Once you decide gardening is a hobby you really want to pursue, then you can go beyond the basic gardening tools and spend more money, if you wish. Japanese gardening tools are more expensive, but the quality is worth it if gardening is something you want to enjoy for years to come.

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