Indoor Gardening

How to start an indoor garden

Indoor gardening is one of the most inclusive gardening hobbies because almost anyone can do it. Those with very little room can try indoor herb gardening, because herbs will grow in small containers. Those who have lots of space in a spare room or basement can give indoor vegetable gardening a try. Hydroponic gardening doesn't even require dirt, and indoor organic gardening ensures you'll never deal with potentially harmful chemicals. And unlike flower gardening or vegetable gardening outdoors, you can enjoy tending your garden even when it's raining outside, or for that matter, snowing!

Indoor Gardening Supplies

First, find a place in your home suitable for the type of indoor gardening you want to do and equip it with a fluorescent light. An indoor gardening supply store or any garden center should offer a variety of fluorescent lights, also known as "grow" lights. You'll also find the other gardening tools you'll need, and lots of great of information about indoor gardening in general.

Aside from the light and a place to put your plants, you'll need pots, dirt, fertilizer and seeds or small plants to get you started. Many people use large buckets to grow their plants, and you'll want some very large buckets or pots if you're getting started with indoor vegetable gardening. You might want to start with seed trays and then replant them into pots after they've sprouted and grown a little.

If you plan on indoor organic gardening, just be sure that your indoor gardening supply store carries organic soil, organic fertilizer, and organically produced seeds. Organic gardening is great for indoor vegetable gardens because then you know that no harmful chemicals have come into contact with your veggies.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening

Some vegetables thrive in containers, and some just aren't well suited for indoor vegetable gardening. Read up on your favorites to find out if they'll do well before you get started. You might want to start with a few that are known for doing well in indoor gardening, so you'll have a sense of success right away. You might end up with a new favorite vegetable, too.

Indoor Herb Gardening

If you don't have enough room for buckets of plants, try indoor herb gardening. It requires only a very small amount of space, and very small containers. You can even start with just one small pot of mint, dill or another herb to see if indoor gardening is for you.

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