Organic Gardening

How to start an organic garden

With the new environmental consciousness in the world today, it's no wonder that organic gardening is becoming one of the most popular gardening hobbies around. Organic gardening lends itself especially well to vegetable gardening because you get to control what comes into contact with your food. Flower gardening is best done organically, too, so that you know the soil in your yard isn't getting soaked with harmful pesticides and other chemicals.

How to Get Started

Flip through an organic gardening magazine and see if the information is helpful to you. If you're an absolute beginner, you might want to go to a local organic gardening supply store to get some help from the experts. The employees can probably give you great tips for growing organically in your specific region. You'll also find books and even kits there to get you started.

An online organic gardening supply is a good option, too. The variety of items, gardening tools and maybe even information will probably be much bigger than at a local store, and you'll find articles and step-by-step instructions to get you started with organic gardening.

Your first step toward organic gardening is to find the place in your yard or garden for your plants. You'll want to use only organically produced seeds and plants in your garden, and organic soil additives and fertilizers only.

Organic Vegetable Gardening

While organic gardening can apply to flower gardening, too, as long you use organically produced plants and avoid chemical fertilizers, organic vegetable gardening is especially beneficial to both the environment and you. You'll be eating vegetables that are even healthier than those you buy in the store because you know that no chemicals were used on them.

You might want to purchase or subscribe to an organic gardening magazine that carries features on organic vegetable gardening specifically or is devoted to vegetable gardening in general. You can also learn about organic vegetable gardening in books or at one of the many organic gardening sites online.

Forums and message boards at organic gardening websites are a great way to get advice and tips about organic vegetable gardening. Other gardeners can also probably recommend the best organic gardening supply stores online or even in your local area.

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