Vegetable Gardening

Grow your own vegetable garden

Of the many types of gardening available, such as organic gardening or flower gardening, vegetable gardening is one of the most popular. It's one of the most practical hobbies around, since you get to eat what you grow. From small strips bearing only a few plants to acre lots that have to be plowed with machinery, vegetable gardening can be as individual as the gardener.

If cooking is one of your favorite hobbies, you might enjoy vegetable gardening to make sure you have great, fresh ingredients for your favorite dishes. What could be better than fresh produce from your own vegetable garden?

Vegetable Gardening Tips

If you're planning to start a vegetable garden:

  • Start small. Vegetable gardening might prove to be too time consuming if you plant 20 different things your first time out or plan a garden that's a bit too big.
  • Grow your favorites. You'll enjoy growing tomatoes much more if you can spend the summer looking forward to eating them.
  • Do some research. Do the vegetables you want to grow take lots of tending, or only a few minutes a week for watering and a little pruning?
  • Make sure you have room. If you don't really have enough room outside or a good enough plot of land, you can always try container vegetable gardening or indoor vegetable gardening.
  • Consult other gardeners. Know a gardener? Ask them for vegetable gardening tips! Most people are happy to share their tricks.

Go Organic

Organic vegetable gardening is a great way to ensure that the veggies you produce in your garden are the safest possible. You'll use organic soil additives only, and no harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. If you're concerned about chemicals in your produce or dangerous pesticides on the food you buy in the grocery store, organic vegetable gardening is a great way to know exactly what's in the food you eat.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening

Lots of people who don't have the room or a suitable place for a garden or enjoy container vegetable gardening. You can place large pots on your patio or deck and grow things like tomato and pepper plants quite easily. No room outside? Try indoor vegetable gardening! Some vegetables do well in containers indoors. If your space is far too limited for vegetable gardening, herb container gardening on your kitchen windowsill could be the perfect solution. You can enjoy vegetable gardening no matter how limited your space!

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