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If you are interested in pursuing the game of golf, you will need to invest in a set of golf clubs. If you are a first-time golfer, you will likely want to find discount golf clubs or used golf clubs to avoid paying too much, in case you change your mind about golfing. When looking for clubs, it is best to ask an expert at a pro shop for the best guidance in picking the best set for your particular playing level and style.

You will have the option of buying an entire set or individual custom golf clubs. Custom-made golf clubs are best for experienced players who know their playing style and what they want the club to do for them. If you want a set of discount golf clubs which play similarly to those used by the professionals, you might want to take a look at clone golf clubs. No matter what type of set you buy, you will likely get a full set of irons, woods and a putter.

Irons and Woods

There are two main types of clubs: irons and woods. Woods are golf clubs which are used for long drives. These are often referred to as drivers for this reason. Most sets will come with woods numbered from 1 through 7 with the length of each successive wood's shaft increasingly shorter than the number before it. This makes a 1 wood the longest and the 7 wood the shortest. The greater the length of the shaft, the farther the ball can be hit. This means that the most distance can be had from a 1 wood.

Irons are best for short shots, and these golf clubs offer more loft. These are numbered from 1 through 9, and like the woods, the lower the number, the greater the distance and the less amount of loft. The lower-numbered irons are also longer than the higher numbers. These irons are best for hitting from the fairway to the green rather than off the tee.


Putters are specialized golf clubs which are used to tap the ball into the cup from the green. Depending upon how well you play in your short game, you might want to consider getting a putter as one of your custom golf clubs. Being able to putt well is critical to taking strokes off of your game, and having the right putter can help.

Buying Clubs

When you are buying golf clubs, you should look at the amount of money in your budget. If you cannot afford custom golf clubs, consider clone golf clubs or discount golf clubs. These are reduced in price, but in many cases, perform just as well as those which are full priced. If you have never played golf before, you should consult with an expert at a pro shop to help you to find the best set of golf clubs for you.

Golf is a perfect hobby to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise and socialize. Having the right golf equipment can make all of the difference in how well you play, and the most important piece of equipment will be your golf clubs.

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