Golf Shoes

Comfortable shoes for golfing

Whether you are a seasoned golf pro or a rookie on the green, one of the first purchases you will make after a basic set of golf clubs is a pair of golf shoes. Golf shoes are designed for both support and safety. Golfers do a great deal of walking, so a supportive pair of shoes is essential. In addition, the playing field can be slippery, so most golf shoes are equipped with spikes to help the golfer grip the ground.

What's in a Golf Shoe?

One of the most important features of golf shoes are the spikes. Spikes keep the golfer from slipping on the green. Buyers can choose from metal, plastic or rubber spikes. Metal spikes have the strongest grip, but they are also hardest on the green. Some golf facilities do not allow metal spikes. Plastic spikes are also called "nubs" and are the most gentle of spiked golf shoes. Rubber spikes are the most popular choice because they give the grip of metal without tearing up the turf.

Golf Shoe Brands

The golf shoe market is as crowded as the fashion market with brand names. According to Golf DataTech, FootJoy Golf Shoes holds a strong 50 percent of the golf shoe market. Bite Golf Shoes has taken a share of the market with its golf sandals and golf boots.

  • Ecco Golf Shoes: Ecco golf shoes are known for comfort and performance. Features include a swing stabilizer, waxed laces, GORE-TEX waterproof technology and carbon fiber textile for increased stability.
  • Nike Golf Shoes: Nike is a household name when it comes to athletic shoes, and golf shoes are no exception. From the Air Zoom TW 2009 to the Air Max Slide sandal, golfers have many quality choices with Nike.
  • Adidas Golf Shoes: Adidas golf shoes come in performance, club and sport footwear styles.

Because the golf shoe market is constantly changing, buyers can often purchase discount golf shoes for less than half the price. Buyers should make sure they are purchasing brand names and not knock-offs.

Buying Golf Shoes

Golf shoes come in a variety of styles, from sneakers to sandals to boots. Buyers should consider comfort, durability and weatherproofing when choosing a pair of golf shoes.

Golf shoes are made from polyester, leather and GORE-TEX. Leather shoes are very durable and waterproof, but they can be expensive. GORE-TEX features the latest in shoe technology, but it can also be pricey. Polyester is an inexpensive alternative that is also durable.

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