Outdoor Recreation

Get outside and get active

Outdoor recreation is perfect if you want to adopt or maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying Mother Nature's spectacular show. There are all sorts of individual and team activities you can get involved with, from ultimate Frisbee and street hockey to skateboarding and flying kites. No matter what your favorite season is or what your current activity level may be, there's an outdoor recreation activity with your name on it.

Inexpensive Outdoor Recreation Hobbies and Activities

Many people balk at the cost of outdoor recreation equipment without realizing how many low-cost activities are out there. Inline skating, for example, requires little upfront investment beyond a pair of skates and some elbow and knee pads. Fair-weather outdoor sports, like basketball and soccer, require even less – all you really need is a ball and, if you prefer, soccer cleats or athletic shoes. Street hockey is also growing in popularity across the United States, with organized leagues cropping up in regions the nation over. To get involved, you'll need little more than a hockey stick and some competitive spirit.

If you've been inactive for a long period of time and want to take up less intense activity to get you back into the swing of things, recreational cycling, walking and jogging are all highly recommended. If you want to try something a little different, though, you might take up flying kites, playing Frisbee with a friend or neighbor, joining an outdoor yoga class or taking hikes in some local trails.

Ideas for the Dedicated Outdoor Enthusiast

If you've got some money to invest in your new hobby, you can add water sports, RVing and boating to your list of possibilities. Depending on your thrill tolerance and fitness, you might also consider extreme sports like bungee jumping, mountaineering, spelunking and skydiving.

While the cost of an RV may seem daunting at first, consider the opportunities that owning one opens for you. Camping excursions won't be limited any longer by sites you can drive to in a few hours; instead, you can create detailed itineraries that include national parks and famous sites all across the country without having to worry about where you're going to sleep.

Boating and parasailing are two other activities with large followings, though they come with somewhat stricter limitations, as you'll largely be confined to participating during the summer months. That said, many recreational boaters have taken up chasing warm weather, making lengthy southbound migratory trips once autumn sets into the northern climes.

You'll find, quite literally, that a world of possibilities awaits you. All you need to do is make a commitment to be more active and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. The rest will fall into place, no matter how large or small your budget.

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