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Rock climbing supplies that won't let you down

You don't need to live near the mountains in order to enjoy the mental and physical challenges of rock climbing. More and more, indoor rock climbing walls are being offered to the general public for safe, yet difficult, climbing experiences. These indoor rock climbing walls are often used as part of a physical therapy routine to help build coordination and confidence.

Even though indoor rock climbing is less dangerous than natural mountains, you still need rock climbing gear in order to have a good, safe time. Before you book an indoor or outdoor rock climbing adventure, contact the instructors and find out what rock climbing gear they will provide and what you need to provide. For those on a budget, discount rock climbing gear can be found online without too much difficulty Ask your instructor for recommendations on the best cheap rock climbing gear.

Climbing Gear 101

In addition to the assistance of an instructor, when you go rock climbing you will need to bring:

  • Rock climbing shoes
  • Rock climbing body harness
  • 10.5 millimeter dynamic rope
  • Belay device (pulley)
  • At least three locking carabiners
  • At least five D-shaped slings (also called biners or webbing)
  • A few chocks or handholds
  • A lightweight helmet

That may seem like a lot of gear, but it's probably not as many things as you already keep in the trunk of your car.

It's also recommended to read as many rock climbing books and magazines as you can get a hold of. They will be full of rock climbing gear bargains and can help you become familiar with all the different rock climbing gear brands. Joining an active online climbing forum can also help point the way to discount rock climbing gear.

Buying the Right Brands

Some popular rock climbing gear brands in North America are:

  • Black Diamond
  • Liberty Mountain
  • Mad Rock
  • Omega Pacific
  • Petzl
  • Sierra Designs

Some outdoor gear stores or websites sell beginners' kits that include everything you need to go rock climbing except the shoes and helmet. This is a great way to get started with safe but cheap rock climbing gear. If you decide to buy online, be sure you understand the website's return policy. Also, be sure to always let your instructor check your cheap rock climbing gear out before you use it.

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